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Tournament rules for club competitions held on IYT
A. Registration
Internal Tournaments are opened to club members, and the general method of registration is by adding your name to database section at the65thSquare Yahoo Groups page with your IYT handle and email address. Each member is only allowed to play under one handle.

B. Format
The format is usually a round-robin table(s), with all players playing "reverse colors" against each other(or the other players in their assigned group), for a total of 2 games - one using white pieces, and the other using black pieces(against each opponent).

C. Scoring
Points are awarded for a win or draw, with 1 and 1/2 respectively for the first three legs of competition, and 2 and 1 respectively for the final competition. There are 5 titles at stake here - 3 preliminary titles, 1 final title, and 1 overall title.

D. Disputes
Each tournament will have its own Tournament Manager and Consultant to handle disputes. The rules of chess will be used as the benchmark in decisions, regardless of whether the site programming follows this or not.

Although cheating with computer programs is possible on any chess site on the net, we discourage any use of such software during the tournament. We must all admit that we are amateur players, and as such, subject to human error.
Using a chess program does nothing to improve your skills, or to endear you to the other players. This tournament is non-profit, and does not offer any prize money. The objective of the tournament is to enjoy playing chess with each other, and to develop your chess skills, which you may one day need when you play in 'live' chess tournaments.

However, there is nothing anyone can do about internet cheating, especially if the offender maintains a strict denial. The club hopes that all players are honest in their games, and will accept with good faith, your participation in the tournament as being an agreement to play with honesty and integrity.

E. Using IYT
  1. Sign up for IYT with a username, preferably the same one you use for Yahoo, to simplify matters.
  2. When the announcement is made to start the tournament, kindly use the "New Game" link on the left, select "Chess", and change the radio-button near the bottom of the page to "2-game match".
  3. Type in the name of one of the opponents assigned to you. A list of similar names will appear. Select the proper user ID with the information you have.
  4. After the previous step, a "Game invitation" page will appear on your screen. Type your message referencing the appropriate the65thSquare tourney.  Set the timeframe to "7 days".   Click "Send/Submit"
  5. The receiver will receive the invite as a message. When they accept you will be sent a message to Email address you provided IYT saying, "You have a private message waiting for you." When you login back at  IYT you will likley have games listed in menu for you to make your moves, as well as the message saying they accepted invite.  You may also receive invites for the tournament before you send them out. Therefore, please check the "My Messages" section before you commence your inviting. Only one player in each game-pairing needs to do the inviting.

F. Queries
If you need any clarification of the above points, please leave a note at the club, or email me only if it is absolutely necessary and private.

Discuss the game of chess at The65thSquare You will be assured of finding a friend who will understand your obsession with chess.
Contact the committee Wednesday, 05 April, 2006
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