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(1) hung_fao_tweeze - kvuzon [B08]
Saturday Tourney Yahoo, 08.03.2003
[Annotated byTweeze, and Kvuzon. Comments by SBC]

Hung Fao Tweeze: Well, I have decided to try and annotate some games. I haven't done this in a while (like 25 years) and I don't profess to know everything there is to know about the tactics and theories behind our collective moves. However, I would like to offer my thoughts and hopefully they will be helpful to my comrades in our future confrontations as well as those you may have with others. First and foremost to me the game of chess boils down to timing. When I play I always try to own the center as soon as I can and not give the opponent much of a chance to get their forces together. You may see some of this as I go through these games.

1.e4 d6 2.d4
Hung: The basics of the Pirc. I seem to get to play against this a lot lately, right Harm?

Hung: The idea behind Black's moves is essentially to prevent White from getting a pawn to c4.

3.Nc3 g6 4.Nf3
Hung: I have been playing f4 here so much lately I decided to give the Classical System a go. However, most of the time I prefer f4.

4...Bg7 5.Bd3
Hung: This is not the typical place for this Bishop I don't think. I usually like to have my Queen's eye directed toward d4. Be2 is more normal....or even Bc4. I kind of did this without a great deal of thought so it may not be the sharpest move there is available. I felt like I will spend time trying to make the best of this move later.

Hung: Castle is good. What else?

6.0-0 Nbd7
Hung: I really think Nc6 would be better for Black. The Queen Bishop is on a good diagonal which needn't be blocked. Black can get cluttered here and spend more time than necessary uncluttering things. On the other hand there isn't any apparent weaknesses either. So, you have to evaluate the position on who is best developed. I'm going to give White the slight edge here because of the freedom his position allows.

Kvuzon: The reason for not playing Nc6 is that I probably would want to play c6 and b5 sometime. The only square for the c8 bishop would be g4 but after h3 I would be forced to exchange it for the knight and I was afraid to be weak on the white squares. If anyone have better ideas I'd love to hear them.

Hung: At about this point I realized my King Bishop was not where it should be for utmost effect. While I have no blatant weaknesses yet my position could be more active. I am beginning to step on my own feet here. Stronger would have been Re1 which answers Black's last move and keeps applying pressure to the center. Basically I have played less aggressive than I should have. Black should take advantage of my complacency.

Hung: I think Black realized the awkwardness of my center but I don't believe e5 is the answer. I feel that c5! would open up a good game for Black. Besides, c5 is a good normal center advancement for Black in the Pirc. Maybe Black was hoping I would take the e5 pawn and open his game for him. Nope! Not gonna do it.

SBC: I looked through the chessbase online database, but few masters seem to use this variation, at least as far as move 7, though there might be some transpositions. 7...e5 and 7...c5 have both been used. I agree that c5 makes more sense here, but e5 isn't unreasonable. Doubling the Queen and Bishop on the c1-h6 diagonal seems fairly usual, so one thing black should be looking at is not losing his dark Bishop and weaking his kingside unduly.

Kvuzon: I chose e5 because after 3. Bd3 instead of 3. Nc3 black should answer e5. And also here the prospect of c6 and b5 looms.

Hung: The diagonal c1-h6 is nearly always a hot spot for White to attack in the Pirc. If Black had played the c5 on the last move I would not be able to do this now. I would most likely have had to move my Bishop to e2 where it belonged in the first place. Remember c5 is a good move in the Pirc when you can get it in against White's center.

Hung: I have to admit being a bit confused by this sudden attack. I didn't think Black's pieces were ready for this. Better might be c6 with the idea to get the Queen to b6. As it is, I couldn't see Black's plan going anywhere.

SBC: I agree. 8...Ng4 is uncalled for and way too optimistic. Essentially, it's a wasted move.

Kvuzon: I believe the idea of Be3 and Qd2 is to exchange off the g7 bishop, weakening the black squares around the king. The idea behind Ng4 is of course to exchange the Be3 for the knight. I've been reasonably successful with this move in some other games but the pawn was then still on e7. Lesson here: don't play by autopilot... I've been looking at those games and I dont believe the idea is very good really.

Hung: The whole point of putting my Queen on d2. The diagonal is mine so I use it to mess with Black's head.

Hung: What we are looking at here is positional dynamics. I hate to say it but Black's best move in my opinion would have been N(g)f6 followed by perhaps exd and eventually c6. It is so hard to make that call especially when it reverses a move so early in the game. We are only up to move 9. This is the situation with the Pirc and maybe even the problem. Black can be distracted trying to wrest control of the black diagonals but this leaves Black with weak black squares on the King side.

Kvuzon: I believed this to be the best.

10.Bxf6 Ngxf6 11.Rad1
Hung: I put the Rook here expecting to start whittling away the center. My Rook has hopes of being useful there so the Queen is now free to frolic.

11...c6 12.dxe5 dxe5 13.a3
Hung: I agree with Black's moves in this last series. I was expecting some Queenside play so I knee-jerked out a3 so my other pieces could be freer in the future and not have to be too concerned about protecting pawns.

Hung: Necessary to assist with Black's play as well as freeing up the Queen Knight thus avoiding some nasty surprises along the Queen file.

14.Rfe1 Nb6
Hung: While I am still gathering my forces and strengthening my center, Black moves what appears to be an OK move. The Queen Bishop can now join the fight but unfortunately I don't think she will have any future on this diagonal. It is too easy to thwart - which is what I do with my next move. I am think b5 followed by an eventual Bb7 gives Black a fighting chance.

15.h3 Bd7
Hung: This is a tough call. Bd7 appears OK and does get the Rooks together. Black needs to catch up. Meanwhile I see a hole on f4 that Black might be able to take advantage of via Nh5. I might have tried it. Still, Black may be able to pull it together with subtle play.

Hung: At this point I am thinking that my position isn't going to get any better and things have really bogged down. I needed to get something going. the idea here is to threaten to push the pawn and force the Knight back. When you can sneak a pawn in like this it is so annoying to the opponent.

Hung: Black ignores my pawn. I might have blocked it with a5 then did R(a)d8. It's all about timing.

SBC: To me, Black's problem is that his pieces aren't co-ordinated and along with his shakey castled position and lack of space, particularly now on the queenside, he should find a way to trade men.

Kvuzon: I was trying to develop.The only way to stop the a pawn I found was by playing a5 but my queen side pawns looked to horrible then. Better to connect the rooks.

17.a5 Nc8 18.Qg5
Hung: Once again I still play with an idea to control the center. I look at Black's position and I see many opportunities. The Queenside Knight is not helpful now and the Kingside black squares are oh so open. Plus Black's e5 looks tasty.

Hung: Loses a piece. R(f)e8 was very necessary here to answer my last move. And I'll let you know right now gang I am into trading Queens when the positions are equal or I feel I have the advantage - which now I do. I'm not sure what Black was thinking here.

SBC: "Loses a piece" ...probably loses the game. Black just didn't look deep enough.

Kvuzon: Chess Homer Simpson style. Pure lunacy. I started kicking myself after this move and after exercising thus for a time I decided to resign. The idea was of course the fork on e4.

19.Qxe7 Nxe7 20.Nxe4 f5
Hung: Yes, Black is down a piece but he continues to be defiant. It might have been frustration. However, f6 would have been much better here.

SBC: It almost looks to me as if Black only just now realized he was down a piece (I've been there mind tells me one thing, but it takes a move or to before reality registers)

Hung: Black Resigns. Maybe Black resigned to save his strength. He wasn't at a total loss. Black could have pushed to e4 thus forking my Knight and Bishop. This would most likely be followed by a series of trades and fireworks the likes that have not been seen since last Saturday. Oh well. I really thought my opponent was going to force a drawish position on me and was not doing too badly until that last Knight move.

SBC: no, ...e4 would have been followed by Bc4+, saving the piece and probably followed by Ng5, threatening Ne6 had to much to deal with at this point. I agree, 18...Nxe4 was an unfortunate blunder that changed what could have been a difficlt game into an inevitable one.

Disagreements and/or rebuttals welcome. Tweeze 1-0